industrial scale chromatography

Process steps such as juice softening, juice decolourisation and molasses desugarisation have become mature
technologies. Disposing of latest knowledge in the field of liquid distribution systems and cell design, ESCON can
help to improve your process and increase the efficiency of existing factories. Depending on the application, this
means to reduce operating costs and/or primary energy consumption or to increase capacity, product quality or
sugar recovery. We assist during planning or deliver turn-key chromatographic systems for your process, including:

simulated moving bed systems (SMB)
coupled loop chromatography (CLC)
chromatographic systems for the sweetener industry
support processes (membrane filtration etc.)
feed distribution systems


molasses desugarisations for beet and cane sugar factories
softening systems
decolourisation systems for beet and cane juices
raw juice purification processes

in cooperation with our partner Amalgamated Research inc. (

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